To answer some of your questions as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of those most frequently asked by parents and families who want to know more about JFCA. Be sure to read more throughout this website, and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

How many students attend JFCA?

An annual average of 465 kindergarten through 12th-grade students attend our school.

How many days a week are students on campus

With our college-style hybrid model, K–5 students are on campus two and a half days a week, 6–12 students are on campus two days a week.

How many days of school do students have to attend?

Even though our model is unique, we are still required to adhere to a 180-day school year. We have designed satellite school days and summer assignments to meet this requirement.

Does Johnson Ferry Christian Academy accept families not of the Christian faith?

It is our heart to partner with Christian families to educate and inspire their children in the desire to love, serve, and honor God as mature leaders who reach the world for Christ. All classroom instruction, school activities, and decision making is guided by scripture and our Statement of Faith

At least one parent must affirm the JFCA Statement of Faith, and both parents must acknowledge the standard of instruction at JFCA through the online admissions process. 


Can my child earn college credit while a student at JFCA?

Yes. JFCA students earn an average of 21 college credits by the end of their high school career at JFCA.

May I visit the campus as I decide if JFCA is a good fit for my child and family?

We would love the chance to share our school with you! You are welcome to visit our campus for an in-person tour or join us for an informational meeting. You can finds details on both here.

What are the tuition costs and fees to attend JFCA?

Please view the Tuition and Fees page to learn about the costs of attending our school.

When do you accept applications for enrollment?

The enrollment period for the upcoming year opens in November. There are also circumstances in which we accept midyear enrollment. Please see the Apply to Our School page for more information.

How do we apply for admission to your school?

We accept online applications. Please see the Apply to Our School page for the details.

Does JFCA accept every applicant who applies?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every applicant who applies to our school.

What curriculum of study do you follow for my child’s grade?

We have a robust K–12 academic program. Find out more on our Elementary School, Middle School, and High School pages.

Does your school offer athletics, music, and other extracurricular activities?

Yes. We are proud of the many clubs and activities we offer our students. Learn more on the Athletics pages and the  Extracurriculars page.

What is my role as a parent in my child’s education

Parents must actively participate in their child’s education; our college-style program requires more than a traditional school setting. Please learn more about how you can support your JFCA child as he/she grows and develops throughout his/her school years.