Our desire is for our alumni to graduate prepared spiritually, academically, and personally to face their next phase of life.

We are proud of our alumni and how they represent JFCA in their school work and professional development.

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Alumni Spotlights

We are very proud of our alumni and know you will be, too!

Alumna Kate Gray

Kate Grady

Kate (class of 2019) is preparing to graduate from Berry College.

After studying abroad in Spain, the idea sparked to work as a medical translator after graduation. This became solidified after translating on a mission trip to Costa Rica. Kate reflects, “It has been so wonderful getting to learn Spanish, and I feel called to use it in an environment where I can love others through the skillset that God has given me.”

In what ways did JFCA prepare you for college?

“I think the workload of JFCA plus learning to manage my time independently really set me up for success. I find it easy during the week at college to budget my time, and I am not overwhelmed by the workload just because JFCA helped me develop good study habits.”

How did JFCA impact the relationships in your life?

“JFCA truly changed my life—I was poured into by mentors and encouraged so well by teachers. I think my years at JFCA were so important in every aspect of my life because my teachers taught me to love others well and showed me what that looked like.”

Tell us about the impact that JFCA had on your relationship with God.

“This is the easiest answer: If I hadn’t gone to JFCA, I might not have developed a relationship with God. I am beyond grateful for the way that JFCA shared the gospel with me, and today I consider it to have been one of the most evident and tangible blessings I have had throughout my life.”

Alumna Anna Caroline Kirkland

Anna Kirkland

Anna Caroline (class of 2019) is in her last semester of college at Samford University, where she is studying education. In addition to student teaching this semester, she is applying for teaching jobs, running a half marathon, and enjoying time with friends. She is looking forward to an exciting year ahead with graduation and preparing for her first teaching job!

In what ways did JFCA prepare you for college?

“JFCA prepared me very well for college because I learned how to work hard and go above and beyond, rather than just learning content. This has helped me to learn more and excel in my classes, making me a successful student.”

How did JFCA impact the relationships in your life?

“Throughout my time at JFCA, I experienced the impact of positive and encouraging teacher and student relationships. This has shown me the importance of having the same interactions with the students I teach. My JFCA teachers encouraged me in and outside the classroom, which made me realize that teachers can make a difference beyond the classroom. JFCA also helped shape my relationship with the Lord, specifically through my junior and senior year Bible classes, where we studied apologetics. Learning these truths helped me grow in my faith because I gained a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how I can defend my faith.”

Alumnus Joseph Lambert

Joseph Lambert

Joseph (class of 2019) runs his own business, Joseph’s Junk Removal. He currently spends his time in three main areas. 1) FAMILY—”I spend my most important time with my family. Whether it is my sisters’ volleyball games, football games with my brother, or family dinners… they are my #1 priority.” 2) WORK—”Work definitely gets most of my time. I currently have the privilege to lead a team of 25 people at Joseph’s Junk Removal. As a fast-growing company that grew three times last year and will grow two times this year, there is a lot to manage!” 3) CHURCH—”Recently, I’ve been super blessed to get plugged into the community at Christ Covenant Church. Overall, I’m so thankful for the relationships and spiritual growth as a result of being a part of this body.”

In what ways did JFCA prepare you to run your own business?

“JFCA taught me to take personal responsibility for my time and tasks.”

How did JFCA impact the relationships in your life?

“Wow, my life would look super different if I hadn’t been at JFCA. The hybrid model allowed me to chase my hopes and dreams with full force. In addition, the support of the admin and teachers was crucial in my development as a student, leader, and young man.”

How did JFCA impact your relationship with God?

“Mr. Hunt’s Bible class as well as conversations with Mr. Rodgers and Mr. McCown were super impactful on my walk with God. In Mr. Hunt’s Bible class, we studied Romans verse by verse and dug super deep into the meaning. He taught us how to ask God questions, dig for details, and practically apply scripture. Overall, I grew spiritually as a result. Mr. Rodgers and Mr. McCown were huge influences throughout high school. Even as I struggled to graduate, consistently got in trouble, and faced challenges outside of school, Mr. Rodgers spent many hours sharing advice, experience, and encouraging me to hold myself to a higher standard. In addition, Mr. McCown invested in me inside and outside of class through numerous conversations. Sometimes we were dreaming about the athletic program; other times we bounced around business ideas. Regardless of the topic, Mr. McCown always challenged me to think on a higher level. All in all, Mr. Rodgers and Mr. McCown were always accessible and went far beyond their job description to make a tremendous effect on my life.”

What advice would you give to any parent or student considering JFCA?

“First of all, JFCA isn’t for everybody. But if you want faculty that is on your team, a schedule that provides amazing flexibility (which means time management is crucial), rigorous academics, and a solid community, JFCA could be a great fit! Basically, if you’re running on rocket fuel and you want a school that can get behind you, you’ve hit the jackpot!”